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Why you should choose our epoxy flooring

While concrete is a hard wearing and versatile, making it great for outdoor areas, it does suffer from one disadvantage. Concrete is very porous, which means it is susceptible to all types of spills that can stain and damage the concrete.

To protect concrete, we apply a special epoxy flooring coating which will protect your concrete and give it a smooth and attractive finish to suit the application it will be used for.

Epoxy is made from a liquid resin that is clear or a light colour. When combined with a harden agent and applied to new or existing concrete flooring it will set as a very hard plastic like substance.

No need to worry about epoxy flooring peeling off, it is very adhesive and will stick securely to any concrete it is applied to. With epoxy flooring you’ll get a hard wearing and long lasting protective layer over your concrete that is also chemically resistant.

Although there are 3 types of epoxy flooring commonly used, we typically only use 2 types for domestic use. Standard epoxy floor coating and self-levelling epoxy floor coatings. The type of epoxy we use is dependent on the type of traffic and use the floor gets. An aggregate such as sand can be added to an epoxy coating to produce a non-slip surface.

Epoxy flooring can be found on concrete flooring used in warehouses, factories, restaurant kitchens, and garages. It has many uses in domestic and commercial applications due to it being tough, long lasting, and inexpensive. It is also a safe and less toxic alternative to polyurethane floor coatings which is more expensive and can emit strong fumes when applied to concrete flooring.

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We can add epoxy flooring to your garage floor to give it protection against, chemicals and oil spills. Contact us to discuss the choices we can offer you for epoxy flooring. We’ll give you no-obligation advice tailored to specific needs and requirements. Epoxy flooring is considered a safe, fire resistant and impact resistant flooring material.

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