Decorative Concrete

How decorative concrete can improve your Brisbane home

Driveways, patio areas, alfresco areas, entrances, pathways, and even pool areas can all be transformed into a unique and functional area with the use of decorative concrete. If you have existing concrete, we can transform it into something you’ll want to show off!

An old home with plain concrete areas can be given a new lease of life simply by resurfacing the area with decorative concrete. We do this by using a special cement based product which is sprayed or trowelled onto an existing concrete surface. This means that we can cover over cracked concrete, stained concrete, or old worn looking concrete.

If you’re considering selling your home, concrete resurfacing is an affordable way to add street appeal to any dull looking concrete areas. The advantage of decorative concrete is the almost unlimited choice of colours, textures, and styles available to choose from. We can create something that stands out or something more subdued. We can blend a look in with your existing aesthetic and we can help you create a contemporary or classic style exactly as you wish.

When approaching a home from the street, the first noticeable concrete area is typically the driveway. If you have an existing concrete driveway, we can help you transform it with an entirely new look. We can give your driveway virtually any look you wish, from a paved look to a cobblestone look or practically any style of pattern you want.

Texture transforms ordinary concrete into looking like a completely different material. A textured surface can also be better for grip in heavily trafficked areas, especially in wet weather. Colour is not a problem either. We can match almost any colour you request and of course we can use more than one colour to achieve stunning effects.

Decorative concrete is a great way to enhance plain concrete areas in and around a home

Whatever your budget, we can help you come up with a design that will work perfectly for you. We can work with new or old concrete.

Concrete is versatile and durable, making it an ideal choice of material for many building applications. Decorative concrete can be used for exteriors as well as interiors.

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