Concrete Grinding

Remove old concrete stencilling with concrete grinding

Professional concrete grinding is the only way to remover layers of concrete or the surface of concrete.

If you have existing concrete stencilling that you don’t like or would like to update for a new more contemporary look, we can help you. We have specialised dustless concrete grinding equipment that can get the job done with a minimum of mess.

Our concrete grinding service is a great way to remove paint from a concrete surface. If you’re stuck with an unsightly colour or old peeling paintwork on a concrete surface, we can grind it back and get rid of it. Any type of covering such as adhesives or paint can be removed using concrete grinding.

Uneven concrete flooring can be dangerous. We can remove trip hazards with concrete grinding.

Unlevel concrete flooring can be annoying and can cause problems when trying to drain away water and other liquids. Concrete grinding can be done to level out uneven concrete surfaces.

Concrete grinding techniques and equipment are now advanced enough to enable us to grind back a concrete surface to a high gloss finish. This eliminates the need for waxing and gives a permanent shine that is hard wearing and durable, perfect for resisting stains and scratches. Other advantages of concrete as flooring is that it is very easy to clean without the use of harsh chemicals, and it does not respond quickly to temperature changes.

We sometimes use concrete grinding to prepare a concrete surface for polishing, painting, staining, stencilling, or resurfacing.

After removing old paint or stencilling from your concrete surface, we can transform the area into something completely different from what you had or re-do it in the same style.

We provide a professional concrete stencilling service which will give your concrete area an individual look, tailored to your choice of colour and style.

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