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15 Sep by admin

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us Why choose Creative Concrete Coatings When you are choosing a decorative concrete floor company, you can’t go past the decorative concrete floor specialists– Creative Concrete Coatings. They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and we totally agree, you only have to look at our past work to see […]
5 Sep by admin

Resealing Your Stencilled Concrete

Resealing Your Stencilled Concrete Reasons to reseal your stencilled concrete You’ve had your concrete stencilled and you love it. It enhances your home, it gives it a whole new look, but you want to make sure it lasts. After all, you’ve gone to the expense and effort of getting it done, so it makes sense […]
15 Aug by admin

Pros Of Having An Epoxy Flake Garage Floor

Pros of having an epoxy flake garage floor Pros of having an epoxy flake garage floor The garage used to be a place to store your car, sporting equipment and maybe some other things from around the home, but in nowadays it’s getting a whole new lease on life. Garages are used for much more […]
5 Aug by admin

Decorative Concrete

How decorative concrete can improve your Brisbane home Driveways, patio areas, alfresco areas, entrances, pathways, and even pool areas can all be transformed into a unique and functional area with the use of decorative concrete. If you have existing concrete, we can transform it into something you’ll want to show off! An old home with […]
15 Jul by admin

Epoxy Flooring

Why you should choose our epoxy flooring While concrete is a hard wearing and versatile, making it great for outdoor areas, it does suffer from one disadvantage. Concrete is very porous, which means it is susceptible to all types of spills that can stain and damage the concrete. To protect concrete, we apply a special […]
5 Jul by admin

Advantages Of Concrete Stencilling

Advantages of concrete stencilling Creative Concrete Coating – Advantages of concrete stencilling Advantages of concrete stencilling your Brisbane home Concrete stencilling allows you the creative license you wouldn’t usually get with plain concrete. With a variety of colours and styles available, your creativity is the limit. When you want to make your home look great […]
9 Mar by admin

Get A Free Quote For Concrete Resurfacing Or Decorative Concreting

Get a free quote for concrete resurfacing or decorative concreting We can help you with concrete transformations! From epoxy flooring to decorative concrete, indoor and outdoor areas can be brought back to life. Add street appeal to your home or improve the usage area of your home or business. We cater residential and commercial properties […]